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Welcome to Les Baladins du Miroir

Hair and  make up artist of New York for Les Baladins du Miroir Produces a salon.

Les Baladins du Miroir』 means a traveling artist of the mirror in French. And the name that I met the theatre team of Belgium during my

traveling around the world. Theatre 『Les Baladins du Miroir』website: http://www.lesbaladins.be/  check it out for your happiness.

we have a lot of experience in all the world. thus, all the stylists have a great amount of confidence in their Cutting and stylig skills.

Come in and enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, discuss your hair or healing needs, get a cut or relaxing, see the our Gallery of creative artists.

yokohama hair salon [Les Baladins du Miroir] cut by English speaker


TEL : 045-322-1288